Masonry Repair in Richmond, VA

Homeowners and business operators in the Richmond, VA region know that expertly installed brick and stonework can make a home or commercial property look classic and timeless. That’s why stone and brick have been used for countless centuries by so many civilizations.

However, no masonry can last forever. If you have an existing house or business entity with notable stone or brick deterioration, reach out to Ruiz Construction LLC. We offer:

  • Free estimates on all repair jobs
  • Professional inspections
  • Competitively priced repairs   

Do You Need Masonry Repair Services?

You might not be sure that you need masonry repair services. However, certain signs are dead giveaways.


If you see cracks around a building’s foundation, that’s a signal that you need to contact us so we can conduct an inspection. The masonry repair service options we offer can shore up your commercial property or home so you don’t need to worry about a building collapsing and injuring anyone.


You might also notice that water is infiltrating your stonework in a way it never did before. You can’t allow this process to go unchecked.

By contacting F & S Ruiz Construction LLC, you can avoid costly personal injury lawsuits. An injury on your property can sink your business, but it can be financially devastating if it occurs at your private residence as well.

What Other Repair Options Does F & S Ruiz Construction LLC Offer?

In addition to wall and foundation inspections and repairs, we can also help if you notice chimney damage. Many homes and commercial properties in Richmond were built with chimneys. Some are still operational, and others are not. Regardless, you need those chimneys to be structurally sound.

The chimney masonry repairs we offer can give you confidence that a collapse will not occur. That makes sound ecological sense and virtually guarantees the property will sell for more if you ever decide to move on from it.

Whether your home or business requires chimney masonry repair, shoring up of stone or brick facets, or a foundational rebuilding effort, let our skilled craftspeople handle this vital task for you. Contact us today to get started!